How to proceed with FB88 withdrawal and execution conditions

withdraw money FB88 If you want to quickly and safely bet, you need to follow the right steps. The betting account needs to ensure that it meets all the conditions to be eligible for a withdrawal confirmation by the system. The following article fb88 will guide new players in detail on how to withdraw in the fastest time!

Instructions on how to withdraw FB88

FB88 is a reputable online entertainment destination in the Asian betting market. All transactions made for depositing or withdrawing money are simply optimized by the system to help players operate quickly and easily. To do it correctly, please follow the detailed instructions below:

Instructions on how to withdraw FB88

Step 1: Transfer money from game account to main account

When you want rút tiền fb88, gamers need to transfer winnings from the game account to your main account (Account) at the FB88 playground. How to transfer money as follows:

  • Log in to your FB88 account => Click on Fund Transfer => Fill in the following information:

– Transfer from: Select the game account you want to transfer money to.

– Go to: Enter the correct main account.

– Amount: Enter the exact amount the player wants to withdraw.

  • After filling in the information, click “Confirm”.

Step 2: Update your bank account

Want withdraw money FB88 About the bank account need to update the account information as follows:

  • Click on the account icon => Select Payment account.
  • Enter the following information fully: Account Name, Bank, Account Number, Bank Branch, City, Account Password.
  • Click on “Confirm”.

Step 3: Withdraw money to Personal Account

After transferring funds to the main account, the member’s account number will be selected immediately “Withdraw”. Here, the bettor needs to enter the amount you want to withdraw and the bank withdraws => Confirm.

Once done, the amount in the main account will be deducted. FB88 system will display a message that the withdrawal order is processed.

How to proceed with FB88 withdrawal and execution conditions1

Withdraw money to Personal Account

Step 4: Check the transaction you just made

To check transaction withdraw money FB88 players can click on “Look up history”. Here, the platform has listed all the transactions that gamers have made during the selected time period.

After about 15 – 30 minutes, the money will be sent to the member’s account. At this point, the withdrawal transaction is officially completed.

Conditions to complete the withdrawal of FB88

To receive money from FB88, the house member needs to consult to ensure that the following conditions are fully met:

How to proceed with FB88 withdrawal and execution conditions2

Conditions to complete the withdrawal of FB88

There is money in the account

This is a mandatory requirement when you want to withdraw money. In case the main account does not have enough money, the system will display the message “Account balance is not enough to make a transaction”.

According to regulations from FB88, the minimum account balance of participants must be > 10,000 VND for members to be able to operate. If you have not transferred funds from the game account to the main account, you will not be able to receive the money.

Have a bank account

Bettors need to have a bank account available before placing orders withdraw money FB88. Among the banks provided by the bookie, you should choose the bank recommended by the unit to receive money sooner.

The account holder must match the registered name FB88

FB88 playground pays special attention to account security for participants. Therefore, the full name of the registrant must match the full name of the bank account holder. If the system detects that the transaction data does not match, it will not be accepted and canceled.

Frequently asked questions when withdrawing money at FB88

During the operation, the customer service department received a lot of questions regarding withdrawals at the platform. Some common concerns are:

Frequently asked questions when withdrawing money at FB88

How many withdrawal orders can gamers place in a day?

Answer: Number of times withdraw money FB88 performed 6 times/day. This includes the previously processed transaction. For VIP accounts, you will be able to withdraw more times with a higher limit. You can contact the hotline for specific support.

Can players change their banking information?

Answer: In case you need to change your bank information, you need to contact directly or send an Email to the house’s mailbox for support. The customer department will review the purpose of the data change and guide the implementation steps in detail.

Is it possible to withdraw FB88 without placing a bet?

Answer: The entire deposit amount of the participant must go through at least 1 betting round before it can be withdrawn. Any promotion or bonus must fully meet FB88’s terms & conditions to ensure a valid withdrawal.

Are there any withdrawal fees for members?

Answer: All withdrawals at FB88 are completely free. Players will not need to pay any fees when making this transaction. In case there is a fee, please contact the bookmaker immediately for assistance.

Here is a step-by-step guide withdraw money FB88. Through this article, we hope to help you make withdrawals faster and easier. Visit FB88 now to join the exciting game and the opportunity to receive great rewards!

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