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Asian Handicap is known as a popular type of bet in football betting. This type of rafter is chosen by many betting players in Vietnam because of its easy-to-play nature and high odds. To learn more about how to play as well as tips to win this bet, players often refer to FUN88 article below.

1.Basic information about Asian rafters

Introducing the most attractive Asian rafters in the betting market

Asian Handicap is a form of football betting in which a football match is divided into two factions. A weak side and a strong side or more specialized is the upper and lower bets through a score adjustment.

This bet usually comes with a handicap, which represents the difference between two teams. Handicap scores can be either player handicap or odd handicap. The handicap is intended to determine which team is considered weaker and which team is considered stronger.

When betting on Asian markets, players can choose one of three outcomes: win, draw or lose. However, in the case of a player handicap, if the team the player chooses wins with a half handicap, the player will lose half of the bet and half of the bet will be refunded.

One benefit of Asian rafters at FUN88 Home is the ability to bet safely. If a player finds that the team on which he has placed the first player bet is losing, he can bet against the stronger team with a different handicap to reduce the risk and protect the win.

In terms of odds, it often changes depending on the difference between the two teams and the player’s prediction. The team that is considered weaker will have higher odds to entice players to bet more on the stronger team.

Besides, the draw result in this market is considered a separate result and the player will get the bet amount back. This is different from the calculation of results in other types of markets such as European markets.

In general, Asian bets are more complicated than other types of bets and require players to understand football as well as calculate odds. Therefore, before playing, it is important to master the concepts of player mechanics and keep an eye on the odds changes to be able to participate in betting in Asian markets.

2. Popular Asian rafters attract many participants

The following article will introduce players to some of the popular Asian rafters currently on the betting market:

Screenshot 2 1

Various types of Asian rafters at FUN88

2.1 Ball bets

This is the simplest type of Asian rafters, both teams are evaluated equally. Since the strong team has been in bad form lately, it should be compared to the weak team in that match. Players only need to predict the winning team to win the bet.

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2.2 Handicap (left half)

In this bet, the house will evaluate the strong team to accept the weak team by 0.5 left. The upper hand bet will win when the upper hand team wins by 2 or more left, the player wins half the money if the upper hand team wins only 1 left or more. In case the score is tied or lost to the bottom team, the player will lose half of the money

2.3 Handicap 1 left

In this bet, the top team will accept the bottom 1 left team. If the top team wins by two or more balls, the bet player wins. When the top team draws or the top team loses, the player loses.

There are also some other bets in Asian rafters such as handicap 0.75 left, handicap 0.25 left… Players can choose for themselves the most suitable bet.

3.The experience of playing Asian rafters at Fun88 is shared by players

When playing Asian rafters at the FUN88 bookie, in addition to knowing the rules of the game, the bettors should also learn from the masters. Here are some things players need to pay attention to when participating in football betting:

Screenshot 3 1

The best Asian betting experience

Research on the two teams that are playing is very important. Consider factors such as form, achievements, formation, injuries, the absence of key players and other factors that can affect the outcome of a match.

The handicap determines which team is considered weaker and which team is considered stronger. Understand how each handicap is calculated and what it means to make the right betting decisions.

Odds in Asian markets often change due to fluctuations in the betting market and player predictions. Tracking odds changes can provide valuable information on the trends and movements of professional players.

Asian Handicap allows players to bet it’s safe to bet against another handicap. However, consider the odds and the risks involved to ensure that the player remains profitable and does not lose a lot of money.

Set a milestone when engaging in personal betting and stick to it.

Follow and analyze the results of previous matches on the FUN88 homepage. This will help players catch the trend on how to play in Asian markets to make smart betting decisions.


Above is information about Asian rafters at FUN88. Hopefully our sharing will help you have a lot of knowledge in football betting.

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