Who Was the Guy Alvin Kamara Beat Up in a Las Vegas Nightclub?

In a Las Vegas nightclub, Alvin Kamara reportedly punched a man repeatedly. The victim, identified as Darnell Greene, shared pictures of his injuries on social media. Kamara posted bail on the battery charges and was arrested after the game. The alleged attack took place during the early hours of Saturday, before police called the hospital. Kamara was in custody and could face several years in prison.

According to Kamara, the fight began when Greene called one of Kamara’s friends ugly, then went on to say, “I’ll whoop your a** too.” He then watched the man start punching him. He claims he threw a few punches, thinking the guy was fleeing. However, the video suggests that Kamara punched Greene a few times when he was on the ground, but the man did not run away.

The video of the incident has been released, but police have not released it. Police say they have video of the entire attack. Greene claims Kamara was “disrespectful” when he punched him and was unable to stop. The NFL did not release a statement on the incident, but it is likely to wait until after Kamara’s hearing. If the video is released, the NFL will surely comment on the incident.

Police say Kamara was arrested after a fight broke out near a hotel. He was due in court on Monday, but his appearance was postponed until March 8, when his case will be tried in court. While the details are still being worked out, Kamara’s alleged victim has not made any public statements. He was a member of the NFC team at the time of the incident. Afterwards, Kamara was taken to the hospital, where authorities gathered information and arranged the arrest.

Greene’s hand was knocked off of his chest during the altercation with Kamara. He claimed to have begun talking with Kamara’s group before the incident. Surveillance video showed the two men in the elevator. Greene allegedly pushed Kamara back. He was then kicked and hit hard. Greene eventually lost consciousness. Eventually, the police released a Continuation Report on the incident.

The alleged victim was interviewed at a local hospital on Saturday. He only remembered one of his alleged assailants. He gave a description that matched Kamara. Security surveillance footage also supported the alleged victim’s account. But the footage wasn’t released for public consumption. However, the alleged victim is still awaiting charges. If Kamara is guilty, he may face the consequences of his actions.

Greene’s injuries were more serious. He broke his eyeball after Kamara pushed him. The two were fighting, and Greene eventually lost consciousness. Greene reportedly suffered an orbital bone fracture in his right eye. He could face surgery, which would cost him at least $500,000.

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