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Online courses are web-based courses on any particular topic. Well, it’s a great way to get educated on any particular topic. Now, real estate courses are also available online. Some are affordable, and some are quite high in price. Some provide courses for the niche market, and some provide for entire real estate. Now, you have to choose which one you will get. But, I will recommend you to select the best online school.

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Top 5 Online Schools for Real Estate Courses

Take a look at these online schools that offers hundreds of real estate courses at an affordable price:

1. Real Estate Express

The Real Estate Express is one of the top schools for online real estate courses. It offers verities of online courses that will make you an expert in the field of real estate if you work that hard. This online school provides career path information to all the students as well as provides all the guidance on how a student can make the most of real estate.

2. Kaplan

Kaplan is an online school that offers real estate courses that are instructor-led. Now, all potential agents will able to study for their real estate agent exam and even for a real estate broker license at this school. The best part of this school is that it helps those who want a more traditional educational model for their exam preparation.

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3. 360training

The 360training is also one of the best online schools for real estate courses. It is a platform that is geared by real estate professionals such as broker assistants or office managers. So, you can expect to get help from professionals here. Now, it is the best platform for those people who want to get some knowledge on specific real estate concepts before taking their licensing exam. If you want to have a single course that would clear all your doubts, then you can get it from here just by paying $79 (cost per course).

4. Center for Realtor Development

The Center for Realtor Development or also known as CRD, is a real estate online school that offers lots of courses that include post-license coursework for niche market certifications and designations as well. However, these courses are best suitable for NAR, and it also includes things like green real estate. Beginners and those who want to target new markets can take these courses because it has certifications from green real estate to military relocation.

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5. OnCourse Learning

OnCourse Learning is an online school focus on grouped-based pre-licensure real estate courses for brokerages and agencies. Now, this school is unique because they offer all brokers a turnkey solution that includes reporting for groups of penitential agents and marketing materials as well.

Final Words

These are the top and well-known online schools that offer real estate courses for all agents and realtors. These courses are managed and run by experts and professionals. So, you can learn any specific topic of real estate from these schools.

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