Need To Move Quickly? How To Do So Without Spending A Fortune

There are many instances in which someone needs to move home quickly.

Perhaps you need to relocate due to issues with neighbors or maybe a loved one is ill in another state and needs some assistance to get better. While all of this is stressful enough, the last thing you want to undertake is the additional hassle (and cost) of moving home.

It can be hard to relocate within a short period, but it is not impossible. If you are able, follow these tips to help make your last-minute move easier.

Contact Movers

There is likely to be a lot going on when you need to move last minute. But try to keep your head and look online for last minute movers, like Father and Son. This will ensure that you have someone there who can help you move your belongings, so you can focus on other parts of the move.

Be sure that all the items you have earmarked to go are in one part of the house, which will make the moving process a lot easier for everyone to handle and will speed up the process.

Pack Room By Room

When moving on the same day, you should go through each room in the house and pack only the essential items that you want to keep. If you will be coming back home in a few months, this is easier, as everything will be there when you get back. But, if the move is permanent, be sure to go through every room thoroughly, to make sure you don’t leave anything with sentimental value behind.

Give Away or Sell Items

This part is hard, but it saves space in the moving van and the car. If you cannot take everything that you want to, it is well worth knocking on your neighbors’ doors to ask them if there are any items that they want to take. You can ask for money, but it is important to note that this will usually decrease the chances of you getting rid of the items! So, you may need to hold back on the idea of making some quick bucks, and simply give items away.

Write a List

When you need to move quickly, it may seem odd to sit down and make a list. However, as you are packing things into the car, this can be an easy way to keep track of everything.

Write down those all-important items, like medications, paperwork, some clothing, and personal items that you cannot leave behind. Once they are all packed, move on to the secondary items, like general bits of furniture, books, and more clothes. If you have pets who are moving with you, make sure you pack some of their food.

Black Bags!

It is unlikely that you will have the time to go out and find boxes to pack items into. But, when push comes to shove, black bags can be a great item to pack softer belongings like clothes into.

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