How To Make Functional Housing In A Small Area

You have a one-room apartment in front of you and you don’t know how to fit everything? How can you squeeze the most out of one piece? How to choose the right solutions for a small area so as not to clutter up the space?

These questions are asked by almost everyone who has purchased an apartment and plans to live in it. There is an eternal problem with one-room apartments: all the objects, no matter how you put them, clutter the space and get in the way.

You probably want to create a comfortable home and distribute the space in such a way as to use every meter of precious space. In this article, we will give 10 interior design ideas (you can read about exterior design too, for example bay area siding) that will help optimize the space of a one-room apartment.

Write all the functions

The first idea is not an idea at all, but a preparation. Nothing will help optimize the space better than understanding what functions are needed in this apartment. Write down your daily routine in the future apartment, describe the action scenarios.

And then determine the priorities. Why is this apartment for eternal parties of a bachelor or a temporary space for a young couple? Having determined the priorities, you will be able to squeeze the most out of one piece.

Hide storage systems

If you want to save space, first of all, in the planning, put cabinets and other storage systems hidden in the wall or completely separate rooms. This will significantly save space and visually free up the space of your apartment. Don’t forget about the budget. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, use the standard sizes of cabinets and line up the partitions according to these sizes.

Use the height of the room

If the height of your room allows you to make a second tier – use it. Planning small spaces differs from planning large apartments and houses in that it must be done immediately, thinking in terms of volume. When you place objects on the plans, do not forget that there is still room height and maybe an attic will fit above your bathroom.

Free the space from individual items.

To make the space as free and functional as possible, free the room from unnecessary items. Make the most of hidden storage systems, built-in furniture. The task in small spaces is to save living space. That is, the area to which they will move is life. Do not forget about the distances between objects. If you will have frequent parties, think about how to quickly clean everything completely!


This also applies to point 3. This is one of the cool ways to squeeze the maximum out of space. If the ceilings allow you, build a podium. In it, you can use part of the storage or extend the bed. The idea of the podium is good because you can use two functions one above the other at once. For example, you can put a sofa, use the very steps of the podium as a seat, and if you push it out, you will get a sleeping place.


Do not forget about time-tested techniques – mirrors. You can increase the space, use it functionally and make more daylight with the help of mirrors. A mirror in the corner of the room will extend the wall and increase the space. A mirror opposite the window will reflect the light from the window, thereby making the room more spacious and brighter.

Solid wood rails

In one-room apartments, it is best to stay away from walls and blind partitions. In this matter, it is better not to divide, but to unite. But there is an interesting technique with which you can do both. Rails divide the space and, if you look at it from a different angle, they look like blind partitions. And if you look directly at it, it is a light structure that does not clutter up the space. This is such a clever technique.

Divide the space with hanging lamps

Do not forget that space can be divided by light. Namely, hanging lamps above the table or the bar counter. The lamps must be above the area where a person cannot pass by and cannot touch them. You can safely take lamps of large sizes and work on a scale. The task is to functionally divide the space into zones without using partitions.

Direct Kitchen

If you have a small apartment and are faced with choosing a corner or straight kitchen, it is better to sacrifice drawers, but not space. Even if you have a lot of dishes and appliances, use the height of the kitchen and add more drawers on top. If space allows, make an island with a bar for a larger work surface. But you should not corner the kitchen. The kitchen is also a storage system and if we remember point 2, it is better to hide it and build it in.

Seat on the windowsill

This has already become a common feature that saves space. If the height of your windowsill allows you to make a seat – feel free to use this opportunity. On the windowsill, you can arrange a sofa, a couch, a place to sit at a table, or a place to read a book.

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