Exploring Dumbleton in Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 7TS, UK: A Hidden Gem at Coordinates 

Nestled in the heart of Evesham, Worcestershire, the charming village of Dumbleton awaits discovery. With its picturesque landscapes, historical charm, and a unique blend of modern amenities, Dumbleton is a hidden gem that captivates visitors. In this article, we will delve into the treasures that make Dumbleton a must-visit destination, exploring its rich history, local attractions, and the vibrant community that calls it home.

Discovering Dumbleton’s History


The Roots of Dumbleton Dumbleton boasts a fascinating history dating back centuries. Originally recorded in the Domesday Book, the village has evolved from its medieval origins into a thriving community. Explore the ancient architecture and landmarks that tell the story of Dumbleton’s past.

Local Attractions

1. Dumbleton Hall Experience grandeur at Dumbleton Hall, an imposing mansion set amidst lush greenery. Dating back to the 16th century, this stunning building offers a glimpse into the village’s aristocratic history. Enjoy a stroll through the picturesque gardens or indulge in afternoon tea for a taste of luxury.

2. St. Peter’s Church Immerse yourself in the village’s spiritual heritage at St. Peter’s Church. With its striking architecture and serene surroundings, this historic church provides a peaceful retreat for both locals and visitors. Don’t miss the chance to admire the intricate details of its stained glass windows and ancient tombs.

3. Cotswold Lavender Farm For a sensory delight, head to the nearby Cotswold Lavender Farm. The vibrant purple hues of lavender fields create a stunning backdrop for a leisurely walk. Learn about the cultivation process and enjoy the soothing fragrance that fills the air.

Local Cuisine and Pubs

1. The Ebrington Arms Indulge your taste buds at The Ebrington Arms, a cozy pub known for its warm atmosphere and delicious pub fare. From traditional British dishes to modern culinary delights, this establishment offers a diverse menu that caters to all palates.

2. Dumbleton Hall Restaurant For an elegant dining experience, visit the Dumbleton Hall Restaurant. With its refined ambiance and delectable menu, this restaurant is perfect for special occasions or a romantic evening. Savour locally sourced ingredients prepared to perfection by skilled chefs.

Community and Events

community events ideas

Vibrant Community Life Dumbleton is not just a place; it’s a community. Engage with the friendly locals who contribute to the village’s welcoming atmosphere. From farmers’ markets to community fairs, there’s always an event that brings people together.

Coordinates Finding Your Way to Dumbleton Use the coordinates @52.019271, -1.9823347999 to pinpoint the exact location of Dumbleton. Whether you’re navigating by GPS or exploring the map, these coordinates will guide you to the heart of this charming village.

Dumbleton in Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 7TS, UK, is a destination that seamlessly blends history, natural beauty, and community spirit. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone seeking a peaceful retreat, Dumbleton has something to offer. Plan your visit and discover the enchanting allure of this hidden gem in the heart of Worcestershire.

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