Coach of the US team through Vn88cx to apologize for the change of the Iranian flag

Head coach of the US team Berhalter sent his apology through Vn88 newspaper after the country’s football federation changed the Iranian flag in the graphic before the match between the two teams in the 2022 World Cup.

“Sometimes things are out of our control. We don’t focus on those side things and all we can do is apologize on behalf of the players and staff.” Head coach of the US national football team Gregg Berhalter said at a press conference in Doha organized by, Qatar on November 28.

However, the Iranian flag in this design does not have the national emblem, which is a stylized form of the word Allah, but only three colors green, white and red.

The American Football League said that its move was meant to show support for Iranian women during protests in the Middle Eastern country and would remove it after 24 hours. This graphic has now been removed.

Coach Berhalter insisted during the press conference that the players and coaching staff were unaware of this post and did not engage in such actions.

“We don’t know what the U.S. Soccer Federation posted. The staff, the players and we don’t know. For us, the focus is on the game against Iran. Our whole mind is on the game. this match,” he added to Vn88 mobile sport.

The US team and the Iranian team will meet in the last round of Group B on November 29, in which the winning team will advance to the knockout round. This is the third time the US and Iran have faced off against each other. In the 1998 World Cup match, Iran won with a score of 2-1.

Mr. Berhalter stressed that the turbulent off-field relations between the US and Iran will not affect his team’s preparation.

“Share with Vn88cx: I don’t know much about politics, I’m just a football coach,” Berhalter told reporters. “For us, it’s a game against a good team, a knockout match between two good teams who want to get to the next round.”

Iranian media earlier condemned the move of the American Football Federation, asking FIFA to remove the US team from the 2022 World Cup for violating the rules. The US State Department confirmed that it did not coordinate with the American Football Federation in the decision to change Iran’s flag in support of the protests.

While the national team competes in the 2022 World Cup and is sponsored by the Vn88 brand, protests continue in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old girl who died after being beaten by police. ethics catch. Clashes have left more than 300 people dead, including security personnel and protesters, according to Iranian officials.

The US and Middle Eastern countries have imposed many sanctions against Iranian officials for suppressing protests. Iran has imposed sanctions and it has responded to accusations by the West of fueling the violence, supporting protesters in Middle Eastern countries that have made weapons or petrol bombs for the riots.

At the press conference before the match against Spain, the German team only had one representative, coach Hansi Flick. This violates the rules of the International Football Federation (FIFA) and Germany could be investigated.

According to, Article 44 of the rules applicable to 32 teams at the World Cup requires the teams to send a coach and a player to attend a press conference before each match. Mr. Flick decided to go against the rules because he did not want his players to have to move too much before an important game.

The German team is located at the Zulal Wellness Resort, about 100 km north of the capital Doha, where the FIFA press center is located. They proposed moving the press conference to Al-Shamal near the resort, but FIFA refused.

FIFA has not yet commented on the incident. This is not the first time Germany and FIFA have appeared at odds. The German Football Federation is considering taking legal action against FIFA, after FIFA threatened to issue yellow cards to captains wearing the “One Love” band. This armband is rainbow-shaped, showing support for diversity, without discrimination, especially with the LGBTQ community.

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