Advantages Of Guy Grip Dead End

We all know that guy grip dead end is very important for those circuit grid devices. In this article, you will learn more about what a guy grip dead end is and its advantages.

What is a guy grip dead end?

The structure of the guy grip dead end is simple, and the pipe structure formed by the two legs of the preformed line would enlace the conductor naturally and would produce a great holding strength. Novel construction and precise design contribute to the reliability of the conductor tension set. The group is usually made of concentrically stranded aluminum-clad steel conductors, galvanized wire strands, and other materials.

Advantages of guy grip dead end

  1. Uniformly distributed stress using clamps significantly enhances the conductor’s lifetime.
  2. Capability to endure high intension and high grip strength, with more than 95% CUTS.
  3. Easy installation.
  4. Perfect corrosion resistance.


If you want to know more, the guy grips dead end manufactured by Henvcon can give you more information and guidance.

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