A Simple Guide to Relocating to a Senior Living Facility

Having made the exciting and understandably simultaneously nerve-wracking decision to begin the next phase of your life in a senior living facility, the sooner you start to organize your possessions and inform the necessary authorities, the better.

With this in mind, here’s a simple guide to relocating to a senior living facility.

A Gradual Downsizing Process

Moving to a senior living facility, whether this is an independent living community or a nursing home, is a fantastic opportunity to downsize the belongings you’ve acquired over the years and can make for a fabulous fresh start moving forward.

In order to keep your levels of stress to a minimum, the sooner you begin to sort through your possessions and start to organize the things you’re taking with you, the things you’d like to donate to charity and the things you’d like to pass to loved ones, the better.

The Packing Process Itself

When it comes to packing for your new home, it’s essential to focus on the positives and as such, packing with confidence is an important step.

Some excellent tips for packing for the move to a senior living community include, amongst a host of others, the following:

  • Start small and methodically organizing one room at a time
  • Let the process take as much time emotionally as it needs to
  • Transfer any regular medical prescriptions in good time
  • Keep a folder containing all your important documents
  • Update your address with various establishments and remember to forward your mail
  • Recruit family members and close friends so that you enjoy the experience more

Another helpful piece of advice is to ask, in good time, for a detailed floor plan of your new living space, which will be immeasurably helpful, especially when it comes to deciding what, if any, items of furniture you want to bring with you into this new and exciting phase of your life.

Ask Staff as Many Questions as You Have

Remember that the experienced and professional staff members of established and esteemed communities such as senior living in Meridian ID, for example, are well-versed in helping new residents move and settle into their new home.

For this reason, you should never feel embarrassed, shy, or nervous if you have several questions or queries regarding any aspect of the potential community and instead either use the telephone, internet or visit the facility online and just ask away!

Engage in Social Activities

The formation of strong friendships and bonds is one of the overarching benefits of moving to any type of senior living community, and as such, focusing on the positives and building excitement around the new possibilities you will soon be provided with is an excellent way to value your mental health.

Socialising is important for anyone of any age, but for older adults in particular, this engagement with other people, sharing of new experiences and making new memories together is a great way to ensure you settle into your new home quickly.

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