9 New Tools for Creators to Build Businesses

Digital creators need to adopt the right tools to manage and scale their businesses in an online environment. Building the right audience to increase sales and maximize profit is a collective effort of innovative software and human input.

So what kind of tools do creators need to drive their business? Depending on the regular content you create, starting with a feature-rich PDF editor app can simplify how you create, organize, and merge PDF documents.

In this blog, we’ll consider the top 9 business tools every workforce needs to survive in the digital space. Let’s begin with the most straightforward business tool.

PDF editor (Lumin PDF)

A PDF tool is a must-have business resource for managing paper and electronic documents in the workplace. Lumin PDF is a PDF editor for businesses that offers enterprise-level editing functions to help you lead a paperless office.

In addition to numerous editing features, you can leverage Lumin PDF’s cloud collaboration, document management, and file conversion. You can create PDF fillable forms, use eSignatures, and restrict user access to sensitive files.

Getting a PDF editor that has a user-friendly interface makes working on documents more convenient. You’ll be able to find the right tools faster to perform all kinds of simple and complex editing tasks.

Website Builder

Your company website is the central location for your content, services, and community. If your business cannot afford a full-fledged professional website, start with a one-page website to introduce your brand, share valuable content and advertise your products.

Popular website builders like WordPress and Shopify have made it easier for creators to build responsive websites and landing pages. With Blogger, you can own a stunning website for free and start creating content.

The landing (sales) page allows visitors to sign up for your email newsletters so you can build an email list. To build businesses, Linktree enables creators to design free landing pages to display their content and products.

Analytics tools

As you produce valuable content to promote your business, you need website and social media analytics tools to monitor your content performance and show areas for improvement. A Google Analytics dashboard, for example, generates website traffic data, conversion rates, email statistics, and ROI.

Also, you can monitor your social media activity using Hootsuite. This multi-purpose platform schedules posts, analyses social media impact, and interprets your social campaigns across all channels.

With such a comprehensive analysis, you can figure out what works and what you should leave behind. Analytics tools grant business owners insightful tips to improve customer service and make future projections.

Email marketing suites

Email marketing is another significant aspect of content creation. Businesses are maximizing newsletters to grow their audience off social media, develop trust, and sell their products. It’s also a reliable way of retaining clients because users will receive current information about discount sales and promotions once they sign up.

MailChimp is a powerful customer service app that powers email marketing for small and large-scale companies. If you’re into the content business, you can leverage paid newsletters to generate profit while providing subscribers with helpful information. Substack allows writers, independent journalists, and business owners to include a subscription fee for their newsletters.

Fan Monetization

Fan monetization tools allow social media followers and email subscribers to appreciate their favorite creators. This way, digital creators can make a living doing what they love best.

For creators still skeptical about running paid newsletters, Buy Me a Coffee allows fans to donate to a digital tip jar freely. This business tool eliminates the immediate pressure of switching to monetized content while ensuring fan patronage.

Surprisingly, Facebook recently launched the Professional Mode for all users to help creators harness their public presence while maintaining a personal profile. With this new add-on, creators can earn money via Stars, ads on their Facebook Reels, and in-stream ads.

Video Content Creation

No doubt, video content drives more engagement than blog posts, pictures, and podcasts. Every content creator needs an all-in-one platform that offers video editing, live streaming, and virtual event features.

Vimeo is a powerful video editing software popular among individual YouTubers and marketing teams. Its video editing features are professional and top-tier, allowing you to focus other features on collaborating on videos and hosting virtual events.

First-time Vimeo users can easily find their way around the software. This unique video-editing platform allows you to monetize and share video content across multiple platforms easily.

Digital Product Delivery

Content creators can also package their information as online courses, webinars, and other instructional materials. Platforms like Podia and Teachable let creators that are experts in their niches offer courses to provide complete access.

These courses could be delivered in text, audio, and video formats, based on how best the lessons can be communicated. Creators can also advertise access to their paid webinars and live sessions on Zoom and other video conferencing apps.

In addition to selling knowledge, content creators with a substantial social following can sell branded merch, accessories, and other merchandise. They can also run affiliate marketing campaigns for businesses that want to sell products related to their brand.

Graphics Design

Tools for graphic design should be the creative designer’s companion. You must furnish your content with stunning graphics, photos, and other visual attachments to keep your readers glued.

Canva is an open-source tool to help creators find millions of photos, graphics, and fonts for design. A more complex tool is Adobe Creative Cloud which integrates graphic design, video editing, and web development.

While anyone can use Canva for basic graphic design, you’ll need skilled designers to harness Adobe Creative Cloud for creating visual content. Depending on your needs, you can decide which tool is best for customizing your content designs.

Customer Relationship Management

Every business needs tools that automatically increase customer satisfaction. Salesforce is a well-known customer service tool dedicated to helping teams communicate effectively with new and returning customers.

With Salesforce, you can automate revenue reporting, business workflows, and cross-platform integrations. You can speed up the feedback rate among your teams and ensure smooth communication.


The creator economy is expanding daily with new opportunities to generate content, market your brand, and measure content performance. At this time, brands should take advantage of content creation tools that can build a valuable audience, convert leads to sales, and monetize content.

Customers will become satisfied with your services as automated workflows promote accuracy and error-free services. These tools and techniques used for technical support also help you lead a simpler business ecosystem and thrive in the digital space.

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